Meet Our Staff at Suburban Chevrolet of Ann Arbor


Feel free to call us with any of your New and Used car needs!  734-418-1400

  • Dealership Contacts 734-418-1400
    • Mike Mosser Photo
      Mike Mosser
      General Manager
  • New 734-418-1400
    • Mina Boles Photo
      Mina Boles
      Director of New Vehicle Operations
    • Bob Kanerva Photo
      Bob Kanerva
      Chevrolet Sales Manager
    • John Blattner Photo
      John Blattner
      Floor Manager
    • Anne  Martin Photo
      Anne  Martin
      Sales Consultant
    • Mark  Young Photo
      Mark  Young
      Sales Consultant
    • Mike Bohnett Photo
      Mike Bohnett
      Sales Consultant
    • Aaron Davidson Photo
      Aaron Davidson
      Sales Consultant
    • Eric Gilliam Photo
      Eric Gilliam
      Sales Consultant
    • Matt Murphy Photo
      Matt Murphy
      Sales Consultant
    • Terry Olson Photo
      Terry Olson
      Sales Consultant
    • Curtis  Berjeski Photo
      Curtis  Berjeski
      Sales Consultant
    • Gagik Vartanyan Photo
      Gagik Vartanyan
      Sales Consultant
    • Mike Morell Photo
      Mike Morell
      Sales Consultant
    • Rodney Gary Photo
      Rodney Gary
      Sales Consultant
    • Charles Parker Photo
      Charles Parker
      Sales Consultant
    • Shane Sparrow Photo
      Shane Sparrow
      Sales Assistant
    • Alayna Schweda-Campbell Photo
      Alayna Schweda-Campbell
      Internet Assistant
    • Ian Hall Photo
      Ian Hall
      Dealer Trade Manager
    • Adron Singal Photo
      Adron Singal
      Sales Consultant
    • Dennis Chenoweth Photo
      Dennis Chenoweth
      Sales Consultant
  • Used 734-418-1629
    • Scott Greene Photo
      Scott Greene
      Director of Pre Owned Operations
    • Jim Davis Photo
      Jim Davis
      Outlet Center Manager
    • Mark  Brown Photo
      Mark  Brown
      Used Car Internet Manager
    • Mike  Burns Photo
      Mike  Burns
      Sales Consultant
    • Austin Pallo Photo
      Austin Pallo
      Sales Consultant
    • Devon Campbell Photo
      Devon Campbell
      Sales Consultant
    • Jacob Carlin Photo
      Jacob Carlin
      Used Car Sales Assistant
    • Scott Schindler Photo
      Scott Schindler
      Sales Consultant
    • Andre Demings Photo
      Andre Demings
      Sales Consultant
    • Matt Bato Photo
      Matt Bato
      Sales Consultant
  • Service 734-418-1631
    • Illyana Bevins Photo
      Illyana Bevins
      Service Manager
  • Finance and Insurance 734-418-1400
    • Brad Overly  Photo
      Brad Overly
      Financial Services Director
    • Melissa Garner Photo
      Melissa Garner
      Special Finance Manager
    • Clifton Elasivich  Photo
      Clifton Elasivich
      Finance Manager
    • Jennifer Simons Photo
      Jennifer Simons
      Finance Manager
    • Jamie Pido Photo
      Jamie Pido
      Special Finance Assistant

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