Discover Your Trade-In Value Online

If you're planning on using your vehicle as a trade-in, you can skip the usual hassle of haggling for a fair price or taking extra time for an inspection when you choose us. At Suburban Chevrolet of Ann Arbor, we provide a better way to discover your vehicle's value and save time on-site. Our online trade-in appraisal form lets you discover your vehicle's value and prepare to add it to your purchase before arriving at our location.

How to Find Your Vehicle's Trade-In Value

Our online trade-in appraisal tool helps you save time with an intuitive process. By choosing your vehicle's model year, brand, and model, you can receive a market report in a few simple steps. Select your vehicle and then provide your contact information. The appraisal tool will guide you through each step, and you can make the selections that match your vehicle best.

Select additional details, including body style, engine option, and more. After you make your selections, you will receive your market report. This report lets you choose your mileage and view an estimated value to a dealer. You can view the demand for your vehicle and what comparable vehicles are sold for within 500 miles of you.

With this report and an estimate of your vehicle's value, you can have a clearer idea of what to expect. If you apply your vehicle to your purchase, we will quickly confirm your selections and add a fair value.

Why Trade-In?

Trading in your vehicle is not only convenient, but you can discover additional savings. You can save on sales tax, and if your down payment is about 20 percent of your next vehicle's value, you can also take advantage of affordable rates.

Get Started Online

Complete our online trade-in appraisal form to receive your market report and contact us with any questions.